On Intersectionality and Stuff

by Sarah on August 28, 2014

I was all set to kick up the frequency with which I post on here a few weeks ago…

…and then Michael Brown (an unarmed teenager) was shot and killed in Ferguson, and I’ve been sick to my stomach ever since.

Yes, there is a war on fat people in our society. Yes, married people receive substantial financial and social privileges over single people. Yes, women are still underpaid and underrepresented and victims of a system that frequently leads to violence against them. Yes, I experience and like to write about all of these things, and no, I don’t like to compare oppressions. The cycle of oppression sucks, from top to bottom.

That being said, I will never know the feeling of having to constantly fear for my life and the lives of my family at the hands of the people in this country who are supposed to defend and protect. I can only try to imagine it, I can only try to recognize all the ways in which I benefit from the system, and I can only try to wield any power I have or may have to help break down this system which privileges white skin and criminalizes black skin, and to try to help raise up the voices of marginalized groups.

As Dr. King once said, “No one is free until we are all free.”

And so while I will continue, at some point in the near future, to talk about what it means to be fat and single in a culture that shames and ostracizes fat and single folks, I wanted to take this break to also recognize the privilege I have in being able to write about these things and still sleep safely at night, due only to the color of my skin, and to recognize the great injustice that a near majority of the people in our country cannot say the same.

For further reading, I highly recommend Colorlines for their coverage of events in Ferguson.

If you need a bit of humor with your dose of reality, there’s always The Daily Show and/or this, this, and this from The Onion.

If you want to donate money, the Michael Brown memorial fund could use your help, and I would also recommend checking out Black Girl Dangerous’s White Privilege Media Bucket Challenge to support two fantastic programs that focus on supporting voices of marginalized people in media.

Also, maybe read up on how to be an ally and sign the petition at Color of Change to ask GoFundMe to take down the fundraiser for officer Darren Wilson.

That’s all I got.

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