Who is Goshman?

Professional Summary

Goshman has a pretty weird back story and career history, but at the end of the day, ze is an organizational and operational powerhouse with excellent technical ability and superb communication skills who loves learning new things and applying zir many skills in new contexts.

Currently working as a Senior Product Support & Implementation Consultant at a B2B SaaS Startup, Goshman has spearheaded a number of projects to improve processes across the team, including building comprehensive training programs for new support employees, managing and implementing a complete overhaul of the customer-facing documentation, and establishing customer support best practices and SLAs with a focus on systematizing excellent service.

Prior to working in tech, Goshman was the Assistant Director for Jacob’s Cure, a non-profit dedicated to raising money for Canavan disease research. There ze built a social media and web presence from scratch, attracting nearly 10,000 followers across all platforms over a period of 2.5 years. Furthermore, ze took one of hundreds of small rare disease organizations and helped position them both in the eyes of donors as well as organizations like the NIH as a contender in an arena they weren’t even supposed to enter. During zir tenure with the organization, they came in 23rd out of hundreds of contestants in the 2011 Pepsi Refresh $250K contest, hosted three galas that raised over $3.5 million total in four years, and supported the first ever Canavan Research and Family conference to bring together researchers and families for a new, collaborative approach to a devastating disease.

Goshman’s origins were in theatre for the first 5 years of zir professional life after college, with experience as a AEA Stage Manager and Lighting Designer.

Ze has also been involved in the creation of TEDxMillRiver, the Unlost E-Course for Finding Your Life & Career Purpose, PilotFire’s Kickstart Your Dreams Course, and a whole bunch of other cool stuff.